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The Joys of Guiding at Pheasants on Kara Creek

I am Sara Rankin, I have been with Pheasants on Kara Creek from a little over a year now! It is something that I never knew I was passionate about. I worked in the office for Cassie and Monte for a while and one day Cassie said “lets go see if you might like this bird thing”, turns out it was a good idea!

One thing I love about working there is getting to be outdoors while helping some of the best hunters and people in the industry! It is so cool to see someone shoot there first pheasant or chukar and specially when you help them get there! Pheasants on Kara Creek is so passionate about helping people, adapting to any situation, and being very diligent when it comes to your hunting experience. I think those three things are very important to our business as well as important to me as an employee!

An experience that is one of the best yet is when I was presented with the idea of possibly adopting an older lab to help me get started. Little did I know this adopted dog would become a part of my family at home and my best friend when hunting and guiding at Pheasants on Kara Creek.

Caesar is an 8 year old lab that was needing a new home from Montana. Instantly we had a connection and bonded! He is now with me and has guided a hunt or two along with the occasional hunts during the weekends! This is something I am so very passionate about and it would not at all have been possible without the help of everyone at Pheasants on Kara Creek! Thank you to the whole team for supporting and guiding me on this journey!

I love working and hunting at Pheasants on Kara Creek Ranch! I love helping people if it is their first time or 100th. It is so much fun to see people enjoy the same thing you do! One particular experience that is most memorable, is when I got to take my dog Caesar out along with Floyd and my father Curtis. This is very special to get to take two of my role models out on a hunt! I am thankful for the opportunities given to me through Pheasants on Kara Creek! When you come to hunt here you are much more than a customer, you are a friend!

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